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Kubachi silver - the ancient art of Caucasus
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Silver bracelet "Scheherazade"
Silver bracelet "Pharaoh" 9
Silver bracelet "Rose" 9
Silver bracelet "Rose" 7
Silver bracelet "Richelieu"
Silver bracelet "Flat Cardinal" 10
Silver bracelet "Royal Mantle"
Silver bracelet "Square twisted Cardinal" 7
Silver bracelet "Smooth Cardinal" 5
Silver bracelet "Brigantine" 6
Silver bracelet "Bismarck" 14
Silver bracelet "Bismarck" 12
Silver bracelet "Bismarck" 10
Silver bracelet "Bismarck" 8
Silver bracelet "Bismarck" 6
Silver bracelet "Bismarck" 4
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Abundance of silver bracelets models

The wrist is said one of the most important energy zones. This is where the arteries are located very close to the skin, so this place is one of the possible, where you can determine the frequency of the pulse. Eventually the wrist is the place where silver bracelets for men and women worn any time.

In ancient times, it was believed that the wrist of a married woman should not be in any case bare, as it is a disgraced to her husband. Therefore, a long-sleeved clothes or massive ornaments closed it. Today there is no such tradition, but the desire to mask the wrist and used to elegant silver bracelets is alive. Both women and men were designer bracelets all over the world.

Silver bracelets for men types

There is a lot kind’s men silver bracelet with depending on the design. The most popular you could find in the form of finely different woven chain, with a special metal buckle.

Best bracelets for men

You can buy Kubachi masters best silver bracelets for man, made in different techniques. The wealth of proposed decorations gives everyone the opportunity to choose their own special instance created especially for him.

Wonderful weaving of silver bracelets for men

There is many of men's bracelets various weaving in our shop, for instance:

  • Bismarck ;
  • Scheherazade;
  • Cardinal;
  • Anchor ;
  • etc.

You could prefer to quite massive model about two centimeters in width, or stop your eyes on form skillfully woven chain. Bracelet in the form of the finest lace, big in width will be the perfect complement to brutal image, which is presented weaving and lace elements.

Any kind could underlined the aristocratic grace of any owner. Moreover, models with gold could be combined with watch ring that made with usage of similar metal. Silver bracelet for men, which made with gilding, looks rich and smart.

In addition to the extensive range, you will certainly appreciate the fact that all the silver bracelets are handmade. You will not find boring, mediocre, punching or uniformity products. We buy only exclusive, a real masterpiece and the best silver bracelets for man.