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Kubachi silver - the ancient art of Caucasus
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Average weight, gr
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Silver chain "Pharaoh" 10
Silver chain "Rose" 9
Silver chain "Rose" 7
Silver chain "Flat Cardinal" 10
Silver chain "Square twisted Cardinal" 7
Silver chain "Smooth Cardinal" 5
Silver chain "Brigantine" 6
Silver chain "Bismarck" 10
Silver chain "Bismarck" 4
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Silver chain is woven for men

Kubachi silver chain for men is always looked favorably on the male’s neck independently metal or weaving .But despite the richness of choice, a classic of the genre is still existed. After «gold rush "has passed representatives men turned their attention to a more universal and not conceited silver chains and silver bracelets. Nowadays silver chains and bracelets are real alternative for stylish and successful men.

Men chains weaving types

Men's neck, in contrast to the graceful women, is suggested a wide and brutal, real chain. There is irrelevant thin thread of delicate links. Because jewelers offer several kinds of silver chains, woven designed specifically for men. List all the variation is simply impossible. Therefore, we will focus on the most popular:

  • Anchor weaving is a classic of the genre. It is simple, but very attractive in simplicity long chain for men consists of links arranged relative to each other in the perpendicular plane. Modern jewelers diversified this kind of men's chain weaving, created on its basis a number of variations. So there were kinds of weaving : anchor pressed ( with thin , but wide links ) , anchor nailed ( characterized by a very small gap between the links ) , anchor nailed in a square ( similar to the previous view resembles a link square shape ) . It helps diversify the anchor weaving and cutting units.
  • Bismarck weaving is the most robust and massive type of silver men’s chains weaving. It is a spiral of several rows of links. Although Bismarck considered appropriate and for the manufacture of women's jewelry , silver bracelets and necklaces
  • Armored weave. Its main characteristic is the location of units in the same plane. Jewelers perform its twisting a different number of units of varying sizes, making pattern can be very diverse. A sophisticated variation Brigandine weaving with units of different size , woven into each other , called Nonna
  • Byzantine weave looks very intricately a read silver chain for men is similar to the cord. It is good to wear amulets on it. In addition, it is more appropriate for a man who prefers an informal style of dress.

“To each his own” is the main rule during choosing the silver chain for your lovely, brutal man. After all, men as well as women tend to an innate sense of style. So do not be afraid to trust yourself and the voice inside you certainly will not disappoint.