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Kubachi silver - the ancient art of Caucasus
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ORDERING occurs in several steps. 

There is nothing complicated, just need to fill out a form. Please, pay attention to the required fields because the information we ask is necessary out of curiosity, but for properly complete your order and prompt delivery.

For those who does not like filling out forms and prefers living human communication, phone Service works fo you. For those who is comfortable, to be called back at a specified time for the order acception, Callback service is organized on the site, and you can use it in a selected product card.

Our manager will contact you by telephone to confirm and clarify the time of delivery whn recieves the order. After that our courier will come to you, bring order and take payment.

When non-cash order payment (there is not available in all regions) our manager will bill you for the selected products. You need to pay the bill within three business days, after payment the order will be sent to you by courier.