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Kubachi silver - the ancient art of Caucasus
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Terms Of Delivery

In St. Petersburg and Moscow

Delivery time (after ordering at stock):

  • Tariff "Economy" - 1-3 days from the date of dispatch. 
  • Tariff "Eksperss" - 1 day from the date of dispatch.
Delivery costs:

  • If the amount of the order is more than 10 000 rub: free. 
  • If the amount of the order is less than 10 000 : 300 rubles. 
  • Special delivery (regardless of cost, espress): 600 rubles

Other regions of the Russian Federation.

If the amount of the order is up to 20 000 rubles, the delivery is made by the Russian Post. Such delivery costs 300 rubles.
If the amount of the order is 20 000 or more, delivery is made by courier
Shipping cost is calculated on the courier sevice according to basis tariffs
Shipping cost will calculate our spetsilist and tell it to you by the phone after receiving the order
After receiving the order, we will send you a bill for payment, which you will need to pay in the any bank. After receiving the payment, we will send you the product.
All risks of loss or Russia Sending Mail courier service we carry. Ltd. "Magic Silver" guarantees refund you paid for shipping and paid for the product, if the parcel for any reason will not be delivered.