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Kubachi silver - the ancient art of Caucasus
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Fashion silver Fashion silver

Fashion trends of the coming season are mainly focused on silver jewelry. It is not surprising , because this metal not only makes you feel better , producing bactericidal and healthy impact , but also looks refined and elegant.

What is Kubachi silver? What is Kubachi silver?

Kubachi Silver is truly unique! Gorgeous silver products made from Kubachi silver is considered to be one of the best and deservedly receive the highest awards in numerous competitions and nominations!

Kubachi silverware Kubachi silverware Silver is a unique metal.

 Ancient Assyrians believed that it absorbed the energy of the moon, and therefore it is sacred. Ancient alchemists added silver to their mix, because appreciating the healing qualities of metal. It was thrown into the water to make it drinkable, it was applied to wounds and ulcers to heal. Native silver mining was flourished.