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Kubachi silver - the ancient art of Caucasus
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Kubachi is urban-type settlement in the republic of  Dagestan, which is situated on the southern border of Russia, in the Caucasus mountains.
The Kubach village is located at 1,800 meters above sea level.Kubachi is mentioned in the IV century of annals. In ancient times, the Greeks developed the mines in the Caucasus, mined precious metals, including silver, and here were engaged in  jewelry manufacturing. So the locals have adopted the art of metal.

According to legend, Kubachi artisans have created the sword for Russian Prince Mstislav , and the shield for Alexander Nevsky.There are works of mountain village Kubachi jewelers in several world museums . For example, there is the knives collection, once belonged to Queen Victoria in London's Victoria and Albert Museum  She got it as a gift from Alexander III, specially ordered collection from Kubachi masters for the occasion.

Silver was chosen for a reason as a working material . It is well treated, well known for its healing properties.
As a rule, the ability to work with silver is transferred from the son to the father. One Kubachi family is fluent in engraving and produces daggers, swords and scimitars, the other one is fluent in the filigree application and produces original jewelery or silverware.

Kubachi jeweler Magomedov Kurbanali is known all over the world. Mr.Magomedov  produced nominal bracelet "Jamila" for Lyudmila Putina, made in classical multifaceted filigree  traditions.. Also among his works there are Prince of Jordan weapons collection and decorations for his bride. Many exclusive Mr.Magomedov masterpieces are in private collections all over the world - in Iran, France, USA, Holland, Russia, as well as in the Museum of Fine Arts. The estimated cost of such ornaments is from several tens to hundreds of thousands euros.
Silver handicrafts are considered a sign of good taste at all times. Kubachi silverware  impresses with its luxury and originality.

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